Experience Gastronomy – A list of five worthy culinary experiences you should perform at least once in a lifetime

How comfortable would you feel if you had dinner under the sea or if you were hovering 50 meters above the ground? Gastronomy is becoming an important point on the bucket list for most people. In fact, it is on the itinerary of many exclusive restaurants and chefs on the way to offering guests tailor-made culinary experiences. An example of this is dinner at The Sky events, where you sit at a table in a round, hang on a crane and eat food prepared by the chef. A bespoke culinary experience makes dinner even more tasty. So if you want to learn about exclusive dinner experiences, check out the following list of culinary experiences from around the world that can make your dinner an unforgettable experience:

– Dinner in the Sky

If you and your loved ones or your appointment are not afraid of heights, then this is one of the best culinary experiences you can have. At Dinner in the Sky, you can dine hovering over 50 metres above the ground, where you can enjoy the fantastic views around you into the distance. Dinner in the Sky travels the world to offer various 30 guests the opportunity to dine in the sky while served by world-renowned chefs.

– Dinner in the Dark

The most popular version of this culinary experience is to be served by a blind operator in a room where there is no light at all. This pitch-black darkness is meant to stimulate your imagination and your senses and give you the experience of eating like a blind person. The O.Noir restaurant specializes in such experiences as in Toronto and Montreal. You can then try to guess what you eat based on your taste, making it an entertaining dining experience that you can share with your loved ones.

– Spy Dinner

For lovers of movies and books on espionage, you can eat in a spy-themed restaurant. To eat there, however, you must first find it and then enter a secret password before you are allowed to eat there. This is an amazing hunt where the reward is a great dinner!

– Crime Dinner

If you love trying to solve crimes, The Dinner Detective is an unforgettable dining experience you shouldn’t miss. Here you can have a feast while dealing with the perpetrator in the room a challenging crime. You could also find yourself as the main suspect!

– Comedy Dinner

With this dining experience, you and your table neighbors and other guests can enjoy great food while watching an interactive and entertaining comedy show that guarantees audience participation. The audience not only watches the show, but actively participates in it.