Fitness centres in Germany

Where to find fitness centers in Germany

If you want to immerse yourself in the delicious German cuisine, especially in the kitchen with meat, dairy products and rich breads, not to mention chocolate, then you might be worried about how this will affect your waistline. One might even wonder how some Germans manage to keep fit despite such an enticing abundance of rich food. Or you’re on vacation and want to put your training life in order to develop some kind of training routine. Be that as it may, fitness activities are very important to maintain physical and, to a certain extent, mental health. In Germany there are a whole range of fitness clubs, gyms and even huge fitness franchises that offer ample space and training to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are some of the most popular ones you can try:

– McFit

McFit is a fitness franchise with around 80 locations in Germany. A 24-hour fitness club, which you can join for about 17 euros per month with a minimum contract of 1 year. The gym is one of the cheapest in the country, and although they don’t offer exercise, the different zones are color-coded to show equipment for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, and a separate area for cardio equipment.

– Holmes Square

This fitness club is located in Germany as well as in other countries such as Austria, the USA and Switzerland and is often open for 18 hours from 6:00 to 23:00. The membership fee is about 99 euros and in addition to cardio and strength training equipment, the facility also offers courses such as aerobics, yoga and pilates, spa facilities such as sunbeds, cosmetic services, steam baths, pool and sauna and finally a restaurant and club lounge. This is one of the more comprehensive packages that allows you to train and relax in the same facility.

– Fitness for women

If you’re looking for a gym in Berlin that’s more tailored to women’s needs, then you should try Women’s Fitness. With a membership fee of around 49 euros per month and a 3-month contract, this gym also has trainers and is only for women. In addition to cardio and strength training equipment, the gym also offers classes such as yoga, step aerobics and pilates, as well as services such as tanning and buns.

– Kaifu Lodge

This fitness centre is one of the top centres, which also offers spa services, a free climbing area, restaurants and squash courts. The gym has a variety of heart and strength training equipment and a stretching zone. The spa, on the other hand, features a heated outdoor pool, Finnish saunas, steam bath, 2 indoor pools, a fireplace room for lounging, massage areas and an ice room. There are many courses, including Tai Chi, but membership details can only be found in the lodge itself.