Laser tag

Drive your adrenaline to new heights with a laser tag game in Berlin

Want to connect more closely with your friends? A competitive laser tag game would be the perfect event to bring you closer together as your teams compete against each other. Lasertag is a popular game in Germany and it is easy to put together a team or join a team. Lasertag venues are very busy on weekends in many cities and municipalities. You can expect familiar German precision in sleek laser tag arenas with state-of-the-art equipment.

Berlin U-Bahn Lasergame

This is one of the largest and most popular laser tag arenas in Germany, there is no doubt about that. The Arena is a converted underground air raid shelter in the area of Anhalter Bahnhof in Berlin. With its 2,500 square meters, it looks huge. The underground location creates an intense atmosphere that makes your heart beat faster even before the game.

Getting into the game is easy. There are single-player games like ‘Last Man Standing’ where you can compete with any other player. You can also join a group and take part in a “monster hunt”. One of the most interesting games is a World War II-based game where you have 60 minutes to secure a nuclear weapon and escape from the bunker.

You can also choose the arena as a fun activity for a bachelor party. This arena is also popular for bachelor party games from the age of 16. The groom friend can also opt for a strip show after the game is over and the beer is flowing.


LaserZone is a laser tag gaming franchise with arenas in multiple cities. The newest LaserZone arena is located in Mainz. These arenas are popular for their ability to accommodate large teams with up to 55 players per game. There are 7 LaserZone arenas that offer more than just laser tag. You can watch a mini golf game while waiting for you and your friends to fight each other in the arena.

There are small independent laser tag arenas, especially in the smaller towns and cities. Most are located in amusement parks where whole families can have fun. Be sure to pay attention to the age ratings, because some arenas are age-restricted. However, most theme parks offer something for everyone. There you can also enjoy other, adrenaline-charged, experiences such as GP karting or giant roller coasters. A good guide will show you all the good places.