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We unite your people with places to create most beautiful memories

Our platform offers an ALL-IN-ONE group solution with tailored experience recommendations based on our self-learning wecando. Ki. With us, people can organize themselves into groups, plan and book experiences together and experience the exchange of shared experiences. Creating memories with friends is one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. Whether it's a person, an adventurer or a connoisseur, experiences are better in company. The great advantage of group experiences is that you can discover and share new places, impressions and cultures together. Experiences that you share with other people create memories that you always remember. Whether you decide to go on a trip, take a trip or simply engage in an activity, it is always more amusing to do so in pairs or with friends.</p>
<p>At WECANDO EXERIENCE® you will find numerous different offers that allow everyone to find the right experience for themselves and their loved ones. Learn more about group events in live entertainment and community experiences. WECANDO EXERIENCE® is a platform with a wide range of services based on our self-learning artificial intelligence (AI). The recommendations of the community activities are based on our algorithm and a group user profiling with the help of digital sinus millieus. This guarantees that you have the right experience recommendation for both you and your loved ones, because we guarantee that only the most appropriate group experience recommendations are played out for you on our platform.

WECANDO EXERIENCE® is a platform that suggests experience recommendations in a whole new way. According to the motto: "We unite people with places to create the most beautiful memories", there are a variety of offers here, which allow you to find the right experience for your own needs. There is also the opportunity to communicate with each other and to make appointments by means of video invitations. For the experiences you have already had with your loved ones, photos can be uploaded in the Memories section. If you prefer videos, you can automatically create a common memory video. WECANDO EXERIENCE® is the world's only ALL-IN-ONE solution when it comes to receiving experience recommendations on your group's shared preferences, tuning in with your loved ones, sending personalized video invitations, finding a suitable joint appointment, and simply making all bookings and payments directly via automated interfaces with just a few clicks.

We made sure that the user guidance of the app is very simple. An experience can be scheduled and booked for you and your loved ones with just a few clicks. The WECANDO EXPERIENCE® algorithm automatically creates a reminder video in the form of a slideshow for users using predetermined templates. In addition, logistics (travel, meals and overnight stays) can also be handled via WECANDO EXPERIENCE®. No matter what the occasion is, whether it's a birthday, a bachelor party, a wedding, Valentine's Day, etc., our experience offer is also a nice experience gift for your partner, parents or your closest friends. At WECANDO EXPERIENCE® you will find numerous offers for joint activities. Whether events or table reservations for a nice meeting. Activities can be found for both couples and whole groups. Whether it's a restaurant, club or bar, fun and trend sports adventure or wellness offers, an adventure gift is a surprise of a special kind.


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