Movement is always good - especially when you move together. And so a joint event can be really fun when you get out of breath. But it's not only the physical activity that does us good - in sport we can push each other to peak performance and grow together as a team. It does not matter whether you already know the sport or whether you are trying it for the first time.


Football as an event

For a large group, the Germans’ favourite sport is of course also particularly suitable: football. Many people will be surprised at how exhausting it is to run after the ball. It always looks so easy on TV – when you chase the ball halfway across the field, some people are surprised at how much power it takes to sprint. Together you can of course also jog, run or hike. Even swimming can be a great experience. A trip to the mountains can be combined with mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding. For all these activities we will of course take care of the necessary equipment for everyone and the right trainers. Often a few hours of practice are enough to apply what you have learned alone or together with the group.

Family Playing Soccer In Park Together

Fitness trend outdoor training

Fitness can also be made into a great event – because fitness does not always have to take place in sterile studios. We offer outdoor fitness for groups of all sizes and for all fitness levels. From beginners to professionals, everyone finds the right thing here – with or without equipment – fitness is simply fun. Discover our offer now.

Woman running outdoors on spring