Why you should participate in a survival training

Have you ever had an education that could literally save your life? This is the essence of survival training. Survival training is one of the most intensive and incredible training you can ever have, because it is a lesson in how to survive in the wilderness. There are many schools that offer this type of training, and they have instructors who are wilderness survival experts with incredible knowledge and experience in tracking and primitive life forms. Acquiring the skills to survive comfortably in the wilderness without the luxuries of the modern world is not only an interesting experience, but one that opens your eyes. Some schools even offer survival training boot camps, excursions or retreats. This means that instead of going on your normal vacation, you will exchange it for a survival training that will teach you completely new skills. Experiencing a survival training is especially great because it changes your life in many ways. Here are some of these points:

A new feeling of trust

Survival training will give you a new sense of confidence because you will know that you have the right skills to survive if you have lost all the things that are part of your life, such as your house, your refrigerator, your television, your electronic devices, etc. For you to survive, you need food, shelter, water, fire, exercise and a strong awareness of your surroundings. Therefore, it is a very empowering experience to know that you are capable even if something extreme has happened in your world as you know it.

– You gain knowledge about yourself and your surroundings

Survival training is a way to bring out the real you. It enables you to recognize yourself, what you like and what you think is most important. You also learn about the landscape, because you need to know what is edible and what is poisonous, how to make a fire, which plants are medicinal, how to find shelter when in an unsafe place, how to find water and food, and when to move loudly or quietly when walking in the forest. You will master all the necessary survival skills after a survival training.

– You learn first aid skills

Survival training teaches you how to give first aid to yourself and others and how to perform it in the wilderness. If you learn to get along decently with what you have available and with the help of available medicinal plants, you will gain invaluable skills and insights into the first principles of medicine and medical help.

– You learn how to stay calm in a crisis

Keeping calm when facing an emergency or crisis is important, because then you will not make any mistakes in solving the current problems. In the wilderness, drastic changes can occur within moments and learning to be calm in the face of these changes in order to adapt is a critical survival skill.

Survival skills coupled with your instinct are what can help you live a comfortable life and survive a period of drastic change.