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Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual realities

Have you always wanted to travel through space, history and time? Now it is possible to dive into virtual reality and experience something from another time, another space and another story. Whether games, comedy, horror, or movies, in a virtual reality everything is possible in principle. Virtual reality is one of the most exciting experiences, which is also successfully used in many research areas.

If you have never tried VR, you should change that now. Virtual reality is about using modern technology to create an environment that is simulated to you, in which you as a user not only interact with a screen, but immerse yourself in the simulated 3D world.

Where you can experience virtual reality

You can experience virtual reality in many ways. We have many offers that we can recommend to you on www.wecando.app. As usual you can wipe them in a playful way in the Experience-SLIDER.

VR offers many possibilities. For example, if you are a history buff, it is a great experience to see Berlin as it was divided by the Wall in the 1980s. This sharpens your imagination of what the place looked and “felt” like back then. The TimeRide at Checkpoint Charlie also looks behind this wall and lets you experience the divided Berlin in a way that feels completely new.

In virtual reality there are also worlds of experience that can be visited, such as ancient Greece or the Sinai Peninsula. You can also spend some time searching for a lost artifact or embark on missions such as discovering the secrets of the pyramids, etc. VR is also a good way to learn. For example, you can learn the art of wine tasting and gain new knowledge about combining wines with food, etc. So you can expand your arsenal of knowledge into something interesting. So whether you’re looking for an adventure, a history lesson, learning a new skill or the thrill of a lifetime, virtual reality can be the gateway to this overwhelming experience.

photo von einer jungen frau, die vr nutzt