Relax in the spa, let yourself be pampered by massages or experience exclusive beauty and styling workshops. Wellness means well-being – letting yourself go

Of course, this also includes activities related to health and nutrition. Who doesn’t like to have a good time for once. Our activities can be booked in pairs or in groups. So that not only yourself, but also your loved one, your team, your work colleagues or your group of friends will feel good. It doesn’t have to be a joint visit to the sauna – with our exclusive massages, everyone gets an individual treatment. And afterwards you can relax and let yourself go while having dinner together.

Especially popular with groups are of course workshops in which you can participate and try things out. These can be joint culinary offers or coaching on your own health. Such coaching is popular because the employer can assume responsibility and each individual employee has clear long-term advantages. But also at Beauty & Styling Workshops you can learn a lot – by the way, not only popular with women. Men are also becoming more and more interested in suitable body and hair care and can dive into topics that are not so familiar to them. Make-up workshops continue to be a big hit, especially with women – here you can learn how to create the right make-up for every situation. 


Large thermal baths offer the all-inclusive offer for young and old in the wellness area and are also suitable for larger groups. In the various themed areas you can indulge your own interests – from the textile or steam sauna, to the wave pool, to the bar at the edge of the pool. Thermal baths offer a short holiday without having to travel far away, provide care for children and have a lot to offer for adults as well. While outdoor pools are in season in summer, thermal baths are visited all year round. Why don’t you just take a look around our place?


Get your mojo back with a Germany Wellness Tour

Do you think you need to be rejuvenated physically or mentally? Germany is an ideal destination for a wellness retreat to regain your physical and mental mojo. Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and also has a beautiful landscape. There are mountain paths, thermal mineral baths, crystal-clear lakes and all in all a natural outdoor environment that will bring you back in touch with nature. Millions of tourists come to Germany every year for fitness tourism and return home satisfied with their physical and mental fitness.

What can you get?

In Germany there are more than 500 wellness centres that offer a variety of natural healing methods that can supplement conventional medical treatment. Watch out for those that have certification. In Bavaria, for example, there is the WellVital certification, which distinguishes an institution with satisfactory requirements.

There are some homeopathic treatments unique in Germany that you can try out, including rugen chalk cures, goat butter baths and regenerative sea sand peelings. One of the most popular natural healing methods is the Johann Schroth method, in which the nervous system of the body is stimulated to activate the natural healing powers.

Certified wellness centres have a minimum 3-star equivalent. You will receive qualified personnel, exercise and nutrition programs in a natural scenic environment.

Where you can go

In the town of Oberstaufen you will find dozens of health resorts offering this treatment. You can also try the therapeutic mineral baths in the Wiesbaden area near Frankfurt. Baden-Baden is another area in the Black Forest region. It is known for its natural springs. There are parks and other natural attractions that will make your stay in one of the clinics a positive one.

There is Lanserhof Tegernsee in Bavaria, which is one of the most remarkable wellness establishments in the region. Its rustic wood, leather and stone building houses a yoga studio, a fitness room, a sauna, outdoor pools and a bathhouse.

Another remarkable wellness residence is the Schalberhütte in Tyrol. It is famous for its water-based treatments, which include herbal steam baths, an inhalation cave, an Asian steam bath, ice baths and a stone sauna. It is also family friendly if you are travelling with your children. 

If you are in Germany for a short stay and want to enjoy the culinary delights on offer, you can keep in shape in the city’s ultra-modern fitness studios. There is one in every city where you can pursue your fitness goals.